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How We Work

We Consider Homeowners and Guests are two major wheels rolling this tourism industry. Because of the after effects of pandemic, people may rethink the way they see tourism. Guests may weigh the value of every trip and make it really count. whereas Homeowners may look to increase their cash flow.

Here we come with the solutions which creates Win Win situations for everyone.

  • We choose to act as a "Holiday Matchmakers" Where We would make direct contact between         homeowners who want to rent his property and guests who are looking for an accommodation.
  • To avail this, homeowners pay one time fix fee for the duration they agreed and guests pay nothing.
  • This situation is not only more profitable and cost effective for homeowners, but also more valuable         and exciting for the guests.

Homeowners Benefits

Real Time Money

With us ! Guests will pay directly. Homeowners receive a booking amount immediately without waiting for completion of the payment cycle with the agencies. Here homeowners receive Real Time Money through whatever mode of Payments they accept from Guests.

Choices of Bookings

Homeowners have the choice to accept or reject a booking request and they lose nothing. To understand it better, let's take an example. Suppose There is a situation where a homeowner receives two booking requests, one for 20 Nights and another for 3 Nights for the same period of time. Here they have the choice to accept a 20 Nights booking request, whereas through other ways whomsoever comes first would block your calendar.

More Bookings for Other Properties

In a situation where homeowners receive more than one inquiry for the same weeks or dates and if homeowners have more than one property, they may choose accept one for the property its inquired about and may suggest another property which is available to another inquiry. Direct contact helps homeowners to secure both the booking and get more bookings for other properties as well.

Attract More Guests

We demand nothing more, Homeowners don't need to pay any commission on bookings or any other set up or hidden fees except fix fees. So, homeowners are in a position to offer much better prices and services to the guests which would in actual help homeowners to attract more guests for their property.

No Cancellation Losses

As Guests are paying and making a rental contract directly. So, In case of cancellation, Homeowners may keep the cancellation amount according to their cancellation policy which they agreed with guests. whereas through other ways booking amounts stay with the agencies and cancellations too and homeowners end up losing big potential money and get nothing. Moreover, Homeowners suffer a loss for dates cancelled.

Save More Bookings

As Homeowners have complete control on bookings and cancellations, In case of cancelation, Homeowners may choose to reschedule the trip for guests without losing the booking and booking amount as there is direct contact.

More Repeated Guests

Homeowners or host and the guest is in good interaction with each other from beginning till the end of their trip. They develop a faith and if the guest likes services, price and location, they would not hesitate to visit the place again. Direct interaction helps you to create faith and increase more repeated guests.

More References from Guests

Homeowners always try to provide the best experiences and memories staying at their property and if the guests experience the same, they would love to share their experiences with their family and friends and inspire them to have the same experiences and memories. You get more and more references of potential guests for their next trip to stay at your place.

More Reviews and Ratings

Happy Guests would never hesitate to suggest your property to potential guests who are looking to rent a place in your location if they like your services and prices. Homeowners may ask them to add Good Reviews and rate their property on their personal website and other platforms where they need more reviews and ratings.

The Best Profitable Business

Above all, Ours is the best profitable way to work with Rental agencies. By the end of the financial year, you might have noticed that you ended up paying a lot of money to rental agencies. Whereas with us you only pay once for the duration you agreed to work and you actually save a lot of money and not only increase your profit, but also bookings.

Benefits for Guests


Best Contact Person

When guests inquire about a property, they are dealing directly with the actual homeowner or a reservation manager. Every assistance, informations, suggestions, payments and contracts are handled by the person who knows it the best "The Actual homeowner or Reservation Manager" Guests get whatever they are looking for and they book with more satisfaction.


Best Available Price

We restrict Nothing. Guests will contact homeowners or reservation managers directly and dates and prices are closed between them. We charge nothing from Guests Homeowners don't need to pay any commission on bookings or any other set up or hidden fees except fix fees. So, they are in a much better position to offer real good deals to the guests and guests end up getting the best possible price available for the property.


Secure Your booking

Whenever guests inquire about a property, they are dealing with the person who takes care of reservations. Guests don't need to wait for confirmation on their booking and don't have fear of cancelation or rejection of booking done. They not only get a better deal, but also they can secure their bookings by paying immediately by whatever modes of payment homeowners accept for the property.


Know Place Before You Reach

Direct contact with the owners allows guests to collect every information regarding property location, places to visit, activities to do in property and nearby, any other services etc.. Also, Guests may ask for a virtual tour of the property. They know the place before their actual stay or reach.


Convenience to Reach

As guests has collected all the information before reaching the place. This makes it really convenient for them to reach the place. Moreover, homeowners may provide pick up and drop from the airport in case they have such services.


Collect Offers and deals

Direct dealing provides freedom to homeowners to offer some offers and deals for guests next trip for increasing repeated guests. Moreover, guests may also collect some real good benefits may be for referring their family or friends to the place.


Save on Cancellation and Reschedule

In case of any avoidable situation, Since homeowners and guests are in contact and share good faith, guests may choose to talk to the homeowner and request them to reschedule their trip in the same booking amount which they paid earlier and the homeowner may accept it to save their booking. Guests are not bound to pay a cancellation amount first and then pay again for booking amount to secure their booking and save money on cancellations and bookings.